Save Amsterdam’s Pianola Museum!

For 25 years, the Geelvinck Pianola Museum has been at its present address, Westerstraat 106, in Amsterdam’s quaint Jordaan area. The City Council is now planning to sell the building on the open market.

The museum would like to buy its home but we are a small non-profit organisation and do not have the means to outbid the property developers. If the sale goes through, the museum will be forced to close down and an important part of Amsterdam’s musical heritage will be lost forever.

We need your support to preserve this unique museum and would be really grateful if you could sign our petition. It calls on Amsterdam City Council to reconsider its decision and give us a chance to buy the property ourselves at a reasonable price.

Go to:

This petition is in Dutch but just takes a few moments to sign. Here is a translation of the fields which have to be filled in:

Ondertekenen = signature

Naam = name (including surname)

E-Mailadres = email address

Woonplaats = town/city of residence

Ja, mijn naam en woonplaats mogen publiek zichtbaar zijn onder de petitie = Yes, my name and my town/city may be visible on the petition (tick to allow your name and your town/city to appear online as supporting the petition)

Ik onderteken deze petitie = I sign this petition (click on the blue bar to sign)

After you’ve signed, you will receive an email for you to confirm that you want to sign the petition. All you then have to do is click on the link in the email ( ).

Then click on the blue bar (Werk mijn ondertekening bij = process my signature).

We hope we may count on your vote.

Many thanks in advance!