The Multatuli Huis (address: Korsjespoortsteeg 20) will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00-17:00. More info: click here

Here you can buy a passepartout for the three museums (Multatuli Huis, Theo Thijssen Museum & Pianola Museum) for 10 euros.

From there you walk to the next canal (Herengracht) and then turn left. Across the bridge you will find the Herenstraat. From there you will cross the bridge across the naxt canal (Keizersgracht), entering the Prinsenstraat which leads to ‘de Jordaan’.

At Prinsenstraat 27: 3. cafe De II Prinsen which serves classic beers.

At Prinsenstraat 30: 4. De vergulde Gaper for your lunch, dinner and drinks.